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Cumhuriyet University Science Journal is an official publication of Cumhuriyet University Science Faculty. The publications related to the natural sciences and engineering are published nationally and internationally. This journal have been published online 4 times a year. Papers in regular issues are not charged for publication.

Special issues are an important part of the CSJ. We are publishing three special issues which will be published in April, July and November for each year. 

Each special issue can contain at most 200 articles, each of which should be less than 20 pages. If there are not enough articles for a special issue, we may combine two different proposals for one special issue with the approval of the guest editors. 


Special Issue Guidelines

All special issues must receive initial approval from the Editorial Board before the papers are submitted. Proposals should be emailed to the Editors at The proposals should contain these information:

  • The title of special issue.

  • Which special issue you want to publish your articles on.

  • Description of the topic area (which should be in our scope)

  • Estimated number of the articles to accept the special issue (between 100 and 200).

  • CV of the guest editors (no more than three) and the guest referees (if the papers are already reviewed).

  • Titles and the abstracts of the proposed articles. There should be at least a hundred articles to open a special issue.

The editorial board will consider whether the proposal is acceptable to the journal and inform the guest editors whether or not the proposal is accepted.


If the proposal is accepted, the guest editor should deliver the articles for review process at least two months in advance of the publication date. If the articles are already reviewed, the guest editor should deliver the review reports of each article at least two weeks in advance of the publication date.


After our editors review the articles, the accepted ones will be posted to the “accepted paper section” of our website (which takes roughly two weeks).

The previous issues (2002-2011) are available at the following address:



Natural Sciences (Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Physics, Statistics)

Engineering (Computer, Environmental, Electrics and Electronics, Industrial, Energy Systems, Geomatics, Nutrition, Civil, Geophysics, Geology, Chemistry, Mining, Mechanical, Metallurgy and Material, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Energy, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Transportation, Aerospace Engineerings)



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Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Rauf AMİROV (Editor-in-chief) (Cumhuriyet University)

Prof.Dr. ŞİFA TÜRKOĞLU (Cumhuriyet University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nilüfer TOPSAKAL (Cumhuriyet University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Serkan AKKOYUN (Cumhuriyet University)

Assist.Prof.Dr. Nüket KARTAL TEMEL (Cumhuriyet University)


Scientific Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Rauf AMİROV (Cumhuriyet University)

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin SARI (Cumhuriyet University)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali AKPINAR (Cumhuriyet University)

Prof. Dr. Ulvi ULUSOY (Cumhuriyet University)

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin BEREKETOĞLU ( Ankara University)

Prof.Dr. Şifa TÜRKOĞLU (Cumhuriyet University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nilüfer TOPSAKAL (Cumhuriyet University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Fatih UNGAN (Cumhuriyet University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tuncay BAYRAM (Sinop University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Gökhan KOÇAK (Erciyes University)

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Serkan AKKOYUN (Cumhuriyet University)

Assist.Prof.Dr. Nüket KARTAL TEMEL (Cumhuriyet University)

Assist.Prof.Dr.  Seyit Okan KARA (Niğde University)

Assist.Prof.Dr. Mesut KARAKOÇ (Akdeniz University)



Research Assistant Hacı Ahmet KARADAŞ,

Cumhuriyet University Science Journal

Cumhuriyet Universitesi Fen Fakultesi, 58140 Sivas, Turkey

Telephone: +90346 2191010-1522



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Vol 37, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Natural Sciences Research Article

Timelike Surfaces With Constant Angle In De Sitter Space PDF
Generalized Qi's Integral Inequality PDF
Merve Esra YILDIRIM, Abdullah AKKURT, Hüseyin YILDIRIM
Off-plane Impurity Effects in Graphene Quantum Dots PDF
Bekir Sıtkı KANDEMİR, Defne AKAY
Farklı Test Sistemleri ile Somatik Hücrelerde Profenofos Genotoksisitesine Karşı Kuşburnu (Rosa canina L.) Ekstrelerinin Doğal Bir Antigenotoksik Ajan Olarak Kullanılması PDF (Türkçe)
Zeytinli Ada İnsan İskeletlerinde Diş Varyasyonları PDF
Hegzagonal bor nitrürün açık atmosferde termal davranışları PDF
Muhammed ÖZ
Some Transition Metal Complexes of NO Type Schiff Base: Preparation and Characterization PDF

Engineering Research Article

Hazardous Consequences of Polygamy, Contraceptives and Number of Childs on cervical cancer in a low incoming country: Bangladesh PDF
Sayed ASADUZZAMAN, Setu CHAKRABORTY, Md. Goljar HOSSAİN, Mamun Ibn BASHAR, Touhid BHUİYAN, Bikash Kumar PAUL, Subrata Sarker CHANDAN, Kawsar AHMED

ISSN: 1300-1949