Analysis and Simulation of Speed Control in DC Motor Drive By Using Fuzzy Control Based on Model Reference Adaptive Control

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Abstract. This paper presents the conventional performance of the model reference adaptive control (MRAC) and the model reference fuzzy adaptive control (MRFAC). The aims of this work are: a) increasing in correspondence of motor speed with defined reference model speed of the system, b) decreasing of noises under load changes and disturbances, and c) increasing of system stability. Thus, model reference adaptive control is applied instead of non-adaptive or conventional control. Also fuzzy controller is used in place of classic controllers like PI controller. The operation of non-adaptive control and the model reference of fuzzy and conventional adaptive control are studied for derive and adjustment of dc motor speed. Then they are compared with each other. The model reference and fuzzy controller are designed based on securing of the entire system stability. Simulation is done with constant and variable loads. The result obtained shows that the adaptive control is more favorite than non-adaptive control. Also fuzzy adaptive control is more satisfactory than conventional adaptive control. The simulations are carried out by using Matlab-Simulink.

Keywords: Speed control, PI controller, model reference adaptive control, fuzzy logic controller, DC motor 

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