Dispersive approach to ill will in murder within Iran & England Laws

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Abstract. This assay is composed to discuss formation Process of psychological element in murder crime and dispersive approach to murder ill will in Iran & England laws. Thus psychological element of murder in Iran's penal code regarding will or ill will is itself divided into behavioral ill will and conclusional ill will. In British penal law; psychological element, murder conduct or physically harmful conduct is sever and physical harm is sometime and some contexts is same as murder conduct in Iran penal law.

Hense, This study aims to cite that: since all legal relations are among human beings, therefore rules that if to be violated is crime would be pointed to people and human beings are responsible for its violation.

Finally, it is concluded that regarding moral element of crime, ignoring this elements leads to harmful consequences for people then addressing assignability or implicate and responsibility is addressed and a person may be executed that has wisdom & capability of conduct and has understand about crime.


conduct, murder, responsibility, ill will, psychological element  

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