Comparison of character development element in two long poems of Nizāmi’sKhosrow and shirin and amirkhosrowdehlavi'sKhosrow and shirin

Ali Kazemi Ali AABADI, Abbas MAHYAR
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Abstract. Nizāmi’sKhosrow and shirin is one of the best romantic long poems in Persian literature. One of the secrets of nizāmi’s success in this mathnavi is using of story elements appropriately in it in comparison of the other Persian old story tellers and specially his imitators. One of the positive features of using story elements in the khosrow and shirin is character element. In this essay, we are going to study this element in the khosrow and shirin based on direct and indirect character development with their subgroups. For determination of nizami’s work quality, character development in this long poem is compared with amirkhosrow’skhosrow and shirin, who is the greatest imitator of nizāmi in composing khamse according to many explorers’ view.


Nizāmi, amirkhosrowdehlavi, character element, direct and indirect character development

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