Indicators of science participation In the Development Theory

Abdolrasol DIVSALLAR, Mehrdad NAZERI, Azadeh ALETAHA
1.602 578


Abstract. Scientific development and its role in growth and development is regarded by many scholars to be one of the most important components in defining development and underdevelopment in the modern world. The present article considers the importance and the strategic level of effectiveness of scientific development on a hypothetical theory of development as the main issue and also investigates the necessity of the science presence as a constant variable in the development theories. Furthermore, in this study, a critical approach has been taken towards the assessment methods of scientific participation in development. Consequently, in order to achieve this purpose and also to examine the participation and influence of science on development from a constant aspect, eight strategic indicators have been defined including: role of science in social evolutions, capability building in development due to science, scientific rationality and development. Scientific culture and development, role of science as essential information in development process, science and  construct of power relationships, effects of science on resource-based development patterns and critical approach to science, which  are able to illustrate the extent and importance of presence of science in development theory. These indicators have been selected based on the logic of scientific development, not scientific production, owing to the fact that in this study, scientific development has been distinguished from science production. Scientific development is assumed to be a constant extra-component term and the resulting effect of science on other components of the development theory.


Development, development theory, scientific development, ration, power, national resources, social evolution, consistency

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