Design the pillars of soil and cement to strengthen substrate according to the Geotechnicalechnical conditions (case study Ahvaz oil company project)

Sayyed Yaghoub ZOLFEGHARIFAR, Amir Tabatabaei NEJAD
1.433 679


Abstract. Soil and cement columns are Including methods of improving that is used in a wide range of soil to a depth of about 50 meters. The purpose of soil mixing to achieve improved Geotechnical parameters or parameters such as compressive strength, shear strength and permeability, the aim of this study is to assess the design soil and cement pillars, according to the geological conditions and Geotechnical engineering, a region in the Ahvaz oil project, due to conditions of Geological and Geotechnical differently, to better understand the method. Therefore, in this study, investigate of Geotechnical conditions of the project to create a security structure to prevent water intrusion, according to the Geotechnical characteristics of the site. Finally, 31 longitudinal columns and 17 transverse columns and a total of 527 columns were designed to sustain the Platform project.

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