Forecastsand analysis of surfacesoilsettlementin north part of Tabrizsubwayline3

Sayyed Yaghoub ZOLFEGHARIFAR, Reza Iravani KHAH
1.408 596


Abstract. Due to the increasingpopulation andincreasing development ofroad andrailtunnelsand its importancein theinter-cityandintra-city transport networkit is needed
To designmeanwhile theexactknowledgeoftheground situationshould taken to improvequalitymaterialsTunneldrilledinit. For alargedevelopment project,first of allneedto know and check thearea wherethereisbuilt structure.

Geotechnical studies are important for this purpose and according to some rock and soil characteristics.Obviously aware of this feature requires the site visit and is desired understand the issues in rock and soil and field and laboratory tests on the samples. In this paper we study several analytical studies using two-dimensional plexus 8.2 software which have been effort on the characteristics of the Earth Summit in digging subway tunnels in urban areas that follow relations between deformation and displacement of soil units with specifications such as weight, modulus of elasticity, the diameter of the tunnel, the tunnel axis and some other parameters and according to the analysis which carried out, what parameters and how can be effective until the above mentioned issues and which are important, or even no relationship or role.Themeetinggroundfor the developmentofthemetroline 3tospeculationsestimatedTabrizshow thatmeetingthe parametersofcontractiondependsgreatly onthe earth's surface.


surfacesubsidence, geotechnical, software PLAXIS,drilling, etc

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