Assessing The Status Of Ict In Improving The Quality Of Life In Rural Areas (Case Study: Firuz Abad Village Of Rey City)

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Abstract. Information and communication technology is one of the indicators of sustainable development and we can support it, eliminate the many needs of the community and provided its movement toward sustainable development. In addition, ICT has this potential, if the use of suitable play a stable role in accelerating social and economic development and dynamism of the developing countries. Research methodology in this study was a descriptive-survey, based on the model of SWOT and in this regard, by identifying and careful analysis of various aspects, especially the study of the strengths and weaknesses and also were considered opportunities and threats, and after analysis the results showed that village of Firuz  Abad, in terms of strengths and opportunities for development of ICT has great potential and an aggressive strategy has been set as the highest priority strategy for intervention in improving the quality of life in this village and more presented proposals to further develop of the industry in this village.


ICT Technology; quality of rural life, Firuz Abad village

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