A Review on the Effect of BSC Performance Evaluation Factors of Iranian Selected Companies by FUZZY DEMATEL

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Abstract. This study was an attempt to review the effect of BSC performance evaluation factors. For this purpose, performance factors were identified. After identifying these factors, screening was conducted by the Delphi method. Finally, the impact and influence of each factor on each other were determined by the fuzzy DEMATEL method.

In this study, population included consultants and experts in the field of strategic management consulting. Furthermore, data were collected through questionnaire for assessment and measurement of research variables. Twenty people were selected as the experts according to the sampling method which was purposeful and indicators to define the expertise of the respondents.

In this study, quantitative approach and survey method were used.

Keywords: strategic management; performance evaluation of organization; Fuzzy DEMATEL; Fuzzy ANP  


Strategic management; performance evaluation of organization; Fuzzy DEMATEL; Fuzzy ANP

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