An Investigation into the Factors Affecting People's Trust in Government Performance

Masoomeh PIRYAEI, Fatemeh AKHLAGHI, Mehdi SAEED
1.854 421


Abstract. The present study aimed to investigate and analyze the role of the government performance in people’ and citizens’ trust in the government. Public trust means that the public expect officials and employees of state-owned organizations to positively respond to their expectations by their actions in dealing with the public. The present study is applied in terms of the objective and descriptive with regard to the method. Also, the method of data collection is documentary-library one. The obtained results showed that from management perspective, the reason for distrust in government pertains to the type of government performance. From the specific perspective of public administration, the high workload and the area of widespread government activity are the causes of distrust because according to the limited budget, the volume of the government's responsibilities is so broad that the government does not have the ability to do all of them which in turn will reduce or deprive the citizens’ trust.


Government Performance, Trust in government

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