An Investigation into the Effect of Internet Banking Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction (Case Study: Khorasan Razavi Saderat Bank)

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Abstract. This study aimed to investigate the effect of internet banking service quality on customer satisfaction. The study population consisted of all users of internet banking services in Khorasan Razavi Saderat Bank. In the current study, three criteria of factor loading coefficients, Cronbach's alpha and composite reliability were used to ensure the reliability of the questionnaire and also convergent validity was applied to examine its validity. Also, to evaluate the relationship among variables and data analysis, Partial Least Square method and Smart PLS software were run.The results of the study showed that online customer service quality, product quality and banking services have a significant positive relationship with internet banking service quality. Also, the results indicated that there is a significant positive relationship between internet banking service quality and customer satisfaction; however, the hypothesis of the relationship between the quality of online information systems and internet banking service quality was not confirmed.


Service Quality, Internet banking Services, Customers' Satisfaction

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