An investigation of the effects of Fordism on contemporary architecture of Iran

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Abstract. School of Fordism is a consumer-oriented system with the slogan of mass production and mass consumption which has had its impact on all areas. It also had great influences on architecture that has resulted in the fading of characteristics of Persian architecture and even an ignorance of users, climate and culture of the society. This study is of descriptive-analytical type and its overall aim is to understand the effects of Fordism system on Iranian contemporary architecture and to know if this system can satisfy society`s needs and its users. The results of this study showed that Fordism architectural parameters meet the needs of today's society but mere Fordism architecture has many weaknesses which are considered a threat to Iranian architecture. But the solution that this study offers is to combine principles and parameters of Fordism architecture with Iranian human-oriented architecture to meet the needs of society and also the spiritual needs of users. 


Fordism, Iranian architecture, industrial development, metropolitan

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