Evaluation of Factors Affecting the Development of Sports Tourism in haemshahr City

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Abstract. Ghaemshahr city has a great potential to attract tourists in view of its sports and tourism attractions. But due to lack of planning and city management it cannot be in the realm of sports tourist attraction. Of course with a functional and accurate planning, correct methods for attraction of sport tourists can be applied in this city. This eventually leads to the development of sports tourism and increase employment and improves the competition and training venues etc. this is a descriptive – analytical study, in the field of applied researches. The study sample was all natives of the city, according to Morgan table 384 of them are randomly selected for direct inquiry. The results show that Ghaemshahr’s requirements are not suitable to attract sports tourists to the city. Among these requirements, 8 items were selected and the highest rank was for “having national and international athletes in the city” with average rate of 5.89 and the lowest one was for “unsuitable recreational spaces in the city as well as inadequate information for the tourists through various ways of advertising” with an average rate of 3.84.


Sports Tourism - City of Ghaemshahr - Development of Sports Tourism

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