"Designing Smart Homes" Economic Requirement or Environmental Necessity in Northern Cities of Iran

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Abstract.The overall goals of building energy management system is providing the comfort of residents along with reducing energy consumption during the operation of construction operations. Due to the elimination of energy carriers subsidies in recent years and the increase of its staggering price particularly in the residential sector that has the highest consumption of energy, the need for energy management system for efficient consumption in building can be felt more than ever. This study aims to assess the need for smart design of buildings and impact of factors of "comfort, energy subsidies elimination, modern life and safety and security" which were analyzed by using descriptive-analytical method and binominal tests of research variables. Statistical population of this research is engineers of Engineering Society of Northern Cities of Iran through which 432 samples were questioned directly by simple random sampling method. After collecting field data via questionnaire, the ties between variables of research have been tested by SPSS software. The results of binominal test show that 76% of respondents consider the necessity of smarting residential units in high and very high level. Respondents consider the factors of "building high security against accidents such as fire, theft, etc. in smart buildings" with more impact than other factors. This shows the non-awareness of engineers toward performance and main objectives of smart building.  


Smart Homes, Building, Energy Subsides, Northern Cities

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