Importance and place of shrine King Rok Al-Din' mausoleum in the old texture of Dezful city

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Abstract. The current building shrine king Rok Al-Din, including the court, porch, duplex chamber around the mausoleum and the west side of the court, dome homes,12-side dome rack ,entrance door of court' shrine mausoleum and north side atrium is the mausoleum court.The formation of mausoleum buildings, whether large and small tombs, the proportion of form and function, with various names have been known, architectural building of mausoleum is influenced by religious or political deceased character. Tombs areperforming an essential role in relations with other Islamic mausoleums.Sometimes individually and sometimes are set and alongside other religious mausoleums, such as mosques, schools, angles and ligaments are made. Closely linked among faith and religion and funerary architecture and religious ceremonies are observed in Iran and Muslims particular respect and interest for the shrines are attached.Tomb from own surroundings has obtained holiness aspect and over time, as a place of worship have been. and buried person' real identity  is forgotten and with characters who  more with location religious beliefs have consistent will be replaced, although the inscription is visible to everyone, from buried people at given tomb is relate but the  new identity found the general credit.For this purpose, by using descriptive research, based on the importance and place of shrine in the old texture of Dezful city and relying on data collection by Internet-library and arena, to the importance and to be special of  this important paid, that represent indigenous architecture and is compatible with continental and  environment conditions. Its architectural style is comparable to the era of the patriarch and timurid that aim is to recognize and pay attention to their position engineers and designer’s attention will be attracted.


mausoleum, architecture, decoration, Dezful, Khuzestan

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