Evaluation of passive defense strategy on sustainable urban development with emphasis on the prevention of natural hazards (flood) _ Case Study: Noshahr

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Abstract. Today, along with the rapid increase in urban population centers of biological and excessive growth, the death toll from natural disasters and artificial rising. The recent disaster in decades, as crises such as floods, storms, droughts, wars and social crises have appeared, Safety of cities in every part of the world is endangered. Given the interconnectedness and interdependence of urban elements together, including all the factors in a city's urban vulnerability. In other words, disasters affect all parts of the city. Urban systems are affected by the vulnerability of disasters, including floods. Reduce the vulnerability of urban cities at different levels, is one of the main priorities and measures of passive defense. Therefore, this article is trying to take advantage of the views of experts to review the role of Urban Development in passive defense planning with a focus on natural hazards, floods in the city of Noshahr City. The research method is descriptive analysis and population experts are administrative units of Noshahr in 1393. In this study, a questionnaire has been prepared in which 16 specialized research question has been raised in four areas.


Passive defense, the city of Noshahr, floods, natural hazards, sustainable urban development

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