Yashar Ostovar KASHKOOLI, Mohammad Mehdi JABBARI
1.439 511


Abstract. Evaluation of performance and behavior of a dam is viable by monitoring of dam using instrumentation. Stress and deformation analysis during end of construction is one of the important parameters in analysis, design, and stability of an embankment dam. In this study, a comparison between various models in stress and deformation analysis of Roodbal dam during end of construction using finite element method in FLAC software was established. The results showed that Mohr-Coulomb model has good accuracy in analysis of vertical settlement of dam core. It was also known that vertical displacement of Darab's Roodbal dam is slow ascending which is slower in upstream than downstream shell. The overall stress in dam body is also slow ascending that shifted from lower level near the core to middle lower level of core during first impoundment through the end of first 10-year utilization period. The analysis over whole body showed that after completion of construction and then initial impoundment of dam pore water pressure in the core of dam is 370 kPa which was the same in middle level of core. According to analysis conducted over whole body of dam, displacement reached 96 cm after completion of construction which was also the same for one-third middle level of core.

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