Contractors’ performance using the balanced scorecard approach (BSC) and Fuzzy AHP (Study case: municipal construction projects in Baqer Shahr in Tehran)

Morad KORDI, Dariush Aliheydari BIJAR
1.714 1.254


Abstract. The goal of current research is identifying performance evaluation indicators of construction companies in Baqer Shahr municipal using balanced scorecard approach in six dimensions (Financial, stakeholders, internal processes, learning and development, employee satisfaction and the environment and society) and using fuzzy AHP approach for weighting to indicators and ranking contractors. The statistical population of this research is 100 managers and municipal experts of Baqer Shahr that was minimized to 79 using Cochran’s method. The results of this research can give a comprehensive attitude in recognizing performance evaluation indicators of construction companies in Tehran municipal and propose a systematic way for ranking these companies considering their performance in each study index and help them in choosing these contractors.


Performance evaluation, construction companies, Baqer Shahr municipal, balanced scorecard approach, fuzzy AHP technique

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