An Analysis of Public Transportation System in Saqqez City by Using SWOT Technique

Kamaleddin RAHMANI, Mohamad BAGHBANI
1.632 699


Abstract. One of the most serious and significant challenges facing cities is the issue of transportation. Transportation and its drivers are comparable to the blood in the body of a creature named city. Based on a modern definition, a city is deprived of necessary functions without an efficient transportation system. Identify the different aspects of transport, particularly public transport play significant roles in achieving the objectives of a city. This identification requires knowledge of various aspects of urban transportation. The present study as an exploratory and descriptive survey aimed at identifying the internal and external dimensions of the transportation in Saqqez city. In this study, by a holistic view, different internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) dimensions are identified, and by using strategic management techniques, necessary guidelines and strategies are proposed for improving the current situation governing the transport system in Saqqez city.


Public Transportation; Vehicle; Bus Services, Taxi Services, Strategic Analysis

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