Effects of Adding Lime to Improve Levee Soil Layer Using Numerical Method (Case Study: Part VI of Bijar – Zanjan Four-Lane)

Amin Naeem ABADI, Mehdi ALIASGHARZADEH, Masoud Mir Mohammad SADEGHI, Salman HANIFI
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Abstract. Soil stabilization is defined as improvement of its physical and engineering properties to provide a series of pre-determined objectives. Some soil are poor due to unfavorable technical specifications or consisting clay or silt to work in road construction. In this study, the effects of lime application in soil stabilization have been investigated in levee soil layers of part 6 of Bijar – Zanjan four-lane in Kordestan province. In the next stage, remodeling of this issue in the implementation of reinforcing layers and the results of two of these cases were compared. Finite difference FLAC.2D software was used to model soil profiles. Comprehensive results were obtained examining the role of factors such as soil type, the percentage of lime, water content, particle of reinforcing layers, energy caused by density etc.


Stabilization, Lime, Levee, Numerical Method

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