Initialization Strategies for Enhancing the Performance of Firefly Algorithms in P-Median Problem

Alireza Haghighat JAHROMI, Mahnaz ZAREI
2.013 517


Abstract. The main studies are carried out to develop firefly algorithm for P-Median problem. P-Median problem is solved to place P equipments in network n with P<n nodes. Hence, total distance between each node and its closest equipments is reduced. It is focused on the encoding methods to present focused solutions and operations. Then, it can be applied to create new solutions. P-Median problem were presented by Rozing and Rol in 1997. Meta-heuristic method can effectively find suitable or relatively suitable solutions through integrating previously created solutions with high quality. This study is aimed to find the effect of various initialization strategies on enhancing the general performance of firefly algorithm in finding optimum or relatively suitable solutions. We have developed an algorithm that can be used for creating high quality solution. As a result, this solution was applied to initially form hybrid firefly algorithm. Studies done in this article introduce the optimization method of the initial population in algorithm based on fireflies for P-Median problem. First, research algorithm takes action to achieve optimum solution. Research algorithm is developed for 40 P-Median problems obtained from OR library of the compatibility values of the initial solution.


Firefly Algorithm, P-Median Problem, PSO Algorithm

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