Identifying The Severity Of The Impact And Project Risk Weight By Using The Risk Management Process

Ramin Gholami ZAKERY, Arash Haji KARIMI
1.918 749


Abstract. Projects typically didn't done based on scheduling and budgeting costs for which they are intended, unless in each course they are regularly checked and monitored.
One of the best control systems project management techniques is the interest earned that has the possibility to identify the deviation from the program to provide project managers. The biggest disadvantage of this control system is lack of attention to risk and uncertainty.
Retrospective nature of this system so that the decision about the future uses of the information, but are forward-looking risk identification techniques and do not care about the history of the progress of the project in the past. Due to the absence of risk imposed on the project, the project during its life cycle, will be perverted and managers must take corrective action, have tried to reduce distortions. Our goal of doing this study was to find the possible risks of the project and the intensity of the effect of each of them by using a questionnaire, and it is through the hierarchical analysis. So doing this process in an exact way will help to accurately identifying risks so the project can be more reliable in terms of cost, time and other dimensions programmed correctly.


risk, the severity of the risk, the risk weight, risk management

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