Identifying And Prioritizing Effective Factors On Advertisement Success During Downturn Case study: “Ma Insurance Company”

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Abstract. Financial and credit recession during 2008, made many banks and financial institutions in the world to bankruptcy and this impact specifically within developing countries was significant. Bank and insurance company are the institutions regarding severely competitive structure dominating on them have tried utilizing extensive media advertisement more than before during such period. Also, regarding relatedness of extensive range of organizations and families’ commercial activities with insurance companies and banks through different services providing of insurance companies to them, insurance companies can use advertisement in appropriate way to promote their purposes. Therefore, this research is trying to identify and prioritizing effective factors on success and effectiveness of ads on “insurance”. Assumptions are determined based upon research purpose and data are collected through questionnaires. Research population is sales and marketing managers and experts of Ma insurance Company. Collected data have been analyzed via SPSS software. Results indicated that advertisement availability does not have significant impact on success and effectiveness of ads on Ma Insurance Company. Also, regarding the order of factors’ impact, advertisement tools and visual and structural methods are having most impact on effectiveness and ads success. Responding to customers’ need also have the minimum impact on ads success.


Downturn, ads, conceptual factors, Ma Insurance Company

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