Environmental factors step towards achieving sustainable architecture and environment

Gholam Hossein NASERI, Amir AMIRI
1.796 582


Abstract. The Term of development of sustainable architecture was used in the early 1970s and after the Rio conference in 1992, inclusive that the situation of sustainable architecture became clear at the conference. In this context, the architects category in preserve the environment is very important because they directly or indirectly about seventy percent are involved in climate change. Now someone with designed inappropriate spaces regardless to environmental conditions, the controller actually, not only does not play a role in protecting the environment, but sometimes they cause damage to the environment and nature. Providing solutions to the model of mortal physical, social and economic and sustainable can prevent the problems such as the destruction of natural resources, global pollution, climate change, environmental degradation and Destruction of biological systems. This study want to identify environmental factors that is consistent coordinated with regard to climate and architectural features by using the latest achievements in sustainable architecture, will provide an architecture that will completely satisfy the needs and will not damage the environment. And can believe that following these tips can achieve sustainable architecture and sustainable development report is very effective. The research in this study is qualitative research with library studies and at the end with field information obtained is analyzed. 


Sustainable architecture, global pollution, climate, Environmental factors, environment

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