Comparative Approaches to the Concept of Privacy from the Perspective of Environmental Psychology in Iranian Islamic and Islamic thought

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Abstract . New approaches are based on patterns of housing design and planning as a comprehensive interdisciplinary. This approach, which in recent decades have been considered in different countries, to coordinate the human and environmental aspects of the design are more precise. On the other hand, the problems of life in big cities of more dense and complex planning and coordinated development are inevitable. According to human factors involved in the planning and design the lives in the residential complex can be improved.Iran, particularly houses of contemporary architecture and way of life in the last century has been undergoing many changes. Sometimes these changes have been at odds with the culture and values of Iranian life. Reduction of area homes, private security is affected. To meet this need, understanding the concept of privacy from the perspective of people who have home environment is essential.In other words, the desired level of privacy with respect to the time is variable. Thus, it is possible, in a certain time, to avoid other people and communicate with them when asked, so privacy is not a uniform concept. In this paper, with an emphasis on quiet space to study at home, Iranian and then, the residential complexes will be mentioned.


Iranian Homes, Residential Complexes, Retreats (Confidentiality), Social Interaction, Introspection

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