Examination of the architecture interactions and visual arts (painting and sculpture) and their role in the persistence architecture (Case Study: City Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art)

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Abstract. Sustainability in architecture includes very extensive and different aspects. Environmental sustainability, the use of natural energies, etc., are factors that have been extensively studied, but what is less studied, is the effects of durability of a work in architecture. Architecture durability means building construction that one of the aesthetic aspects is durable building. Therefore, architecture interactions with painting and sculpture arts and how it will lead to the architecture durability, is examined. Revitalize architecture relationships with other Visual arts can explain the elements, which by benefiting from them we can obtain a model to achieve lasting and sustainable cities and communities. In this article, two lasting works on Iranian architecture, the City Theatre and the Museum of Contemporary Art, have been studied. Method used in this study is an analytical-descriptive method, which its data is collected by using the library method, citing references and documents in books, articles and related sites. Finally, to facilitate the use of research results, tables based on paper's aims (an aesthetic component and an environmental component) have been set. It is hoped that this knowledge is a step towards achieving a richer architecture. 


Sustainable architecture, lasting architecture, principles of aesthetics, visual arts, painting, sculpture

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