Exploring the problems of old urban tissues (Case study: Shiraz city)

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Abstract . The unbridled urbanization and unbalanced spread of cities together with the expansion of old urban tissues over the past few decades have threatened the identity and existence of urban spaces as a place for the growth and development of humans. If appropriate policies and plans for resolving these problems are not applied, in near future these problems will pose tremendous challenges to the urban life (Shamaei and Pourahmad, 2004:181). In the study, the old urban tissue of Shiraz city (District 8), as one of the most important architectural monuments with remarkable historical and cultural values, has been investigated. The old fabric of this area with an area of approximately 378 ha lies at the heart of modern city of Shiraz. Covering 2.8% of the total area of the city, this zone constitutes the core of the city which has been subject to tremendous changes during different periods. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the shortcomings of old urban tissues of Shiraz with the aim of organizing and empowering these areas. Finally, some suggestions are made in this regard.  This is a comparative analytical research based on field studies and library analysis. The results indicate numerous physical, social and economic problems in old urban tissues including the ongoing imbalance between the facilities and infrastructure and the needs of people, social crime and ills, the low social status of residents and so on. As such, it is essential to provide the means and infrastructure required to improve the status quo and eliminate the damages. 


Corrosion, worn-out tissues, old tissues, damage, organization, empowerment

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