An Analytical View on the Process of Formation of Shushtar Sustainable City

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Abstract .The experts believe that the most prominent question in the area of recognition and evaluation of cities is about their historical evolution and formation. Also, it should be noted that the similarity and uniformity of the structure of a specific city in different periods of time, does not necessarily refer to lack of change in that city. This paper focuses on the reviewing and explaining this subject using library research method besides studying the historical documents. Cities like Shoushtar are commonly developed on a natural bed and possessed their own local culture based on a collective sense and movement, rather than a personal computing base.  More importantly, it is essential to consider this historical background including the intrinsic dialects of the city for renovation and organization of the architectural structures and their details instead of using useless and ineffective techniques transported to our country as the wastes of the West. Results of this study can be useful for architecture and urban planning students to form their thinking style and guides them about how to face the designing problems. 


Shoushtar, New-Shoushtar, body, Framework, urban development

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