Habitant’s Empowerment of urban timeworn textures along with improvement and renovation process: (Case sample: Qal’eh quarter of Dezful)

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Abstract. Today, urban timeworn textures are of the most important problems which cities are facing with. These textures are mainly parts of the city which are separated from evolutionary cycle and are formed as center of difficulties and inadequacies. These parts have lost livability during time and changing space patterns of construction and have many problems in terms of skeletal conditions, traffic, economic and social for modern life.

Dezful is one of the cities suffering from timeworn textures among quarters of the city. We can point to Qal’eh quarter which is one of the oldest quarters of Dezful. Therefore, aim of this study is to recognize problems of timeworn and proposing appropriate solutions to empower habitants of this texture in order to renovation and improvement. Method of research is descriptive, analytical and surgery with a theoretical–participatory procedure. Data collecting method is in the form of library field and questionnaire about studied quarter it is dealt with feasibility of participation in improvement of timeworn texture of the quarter using supervisor of family questionnaire and some strategies were extracted to propose solution for improving and renovating this quarter.


Timeworn texture, empowerment, participation, renovation and improvement

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