Evaluation of spatial structure of Boroujerd, from the historical structure point of view

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Abstract. The quality of public environment in most cities in Iran is very low from the respective of structural and social indicators. Central parts of old cities which are known as timeworn textures by the managerial system, although have a lot of prominences, but they have steel structural and functional depletion such as ruinous buildings, undesirable environmental quality, narrow paths with undesirable shapes and etc. In these sectors, resident migrate as soon as possible. Local economy is inactive everywhere but at the margins of the market, reconstruction and renovation is not favorable, real estate is inexpensive, social and cultural situation is in the lowest level, and urban understructures are imperfect or incomplete. Hence, because of inattention of urban managers in two last decades, quality improvement of districts and markets of Iranian cities is fallen into oblivion among the urban strategies. Recently, the quality of public environment of cities is getting more important for the ministry and the municipality, and civil organization as a responsible organization and organizations which are related to historical issues of the cities are paying much more attention to this subject. The main goal is renewing the timeworn part and also making the market as an active place. The results of this study indicate that structural-spatial improvement of the market of Boroujerd has a lot of problems. The situation of central district and historical texture, and structural attributes, specially the usage system in these textures showed that improvement of structural-spatial improvement of historical texture of Boroujerd  have a lot of problems with the respect of critical management. In fact, one of the most important reasons which accented the damaging of the bazar is the inhabitation of those who do not have any dependency to such these districts and it is not very important for them to save these old and historical textures. But in the other parts of the city there are many old people and inhabitants those who pay attention to this subject. 


Timeworn texture, dynamic programming, design framework, revision, interference districts

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