Citizen and Citizenship Rights

Anoosh JAFARI, Shahrzad BATEBI
1.493 369


Abstract. Citizenship rights is a set of rights and rules that governs in macro society, state-country and is a mixture of tasks and responsibilities of citizens toward each other and/ or government in its common meaning and also rights and privileges that government should satisfy them. Citizenship essentially is not held a normal system, because it has extended links with values and historical and social evolutions. In addition, values of human rights claim have extended the entire world, but basic framework of citizenship is compliance. Citizenship rights have four basic domains, including civil, political, economical and cultural, but participation is the central pillar of all mentioned domains. This paper discusses about rights the same as personal freedom, public rights and their relation with state.


Citizenship rights, human rights, fundamental rights, individual rights, justice, human dignity

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