Civic management and sustainable development to come by civic sustainable development

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Abstract. Sustainable development and civic sustainable development gradually has in recent decades been turned to a modern and dominant paradigm in common theoretical and practical literature concerning civic development and planning. This paradigm, however, observes different interpretations and deductions, but totally emphasizes on stability and continuation of development for all and future generations during the time and on multilateral observation of complicated economic, social and environmental dimensions of development process in a country or city. Sustainable development is set forth in all levels of space organization (local, regional and global); but in civic level, because of continually increasing centralization of population and economic activities, particularly in under-developed countries, has called more attention. The goal in this study is multilateral recognition of sustainable development and strategies for achieving civic sustainable development. Descriptive-analytical methodology has been used.


Sustainable development,Civic sustainable development, Civic planning,civic management

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