Analysis of the performance characteristics of Borujerd worn-out textures using S.W.O.T

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Abstract. In unusual places with conventional methods of renovation and improvement of housing we could not be able to offer an effective action for supplying housing for their residents. Unfortunately, within the framework of government and the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Ministry of Cooperatives policies poor neighborhoods of these unusual places have been placed outside the scope of the predicted measures. Although one of the goals in promote and empower of local communities projects is to provide appropriate housing for its residents, but the sector still has not found certain feasibility and policy yet. The basic principle of renovation and improvement of targeted neighborhoods is the majority of existing housing is worn, non-resistant and without biological criteria required for residency. In a specialize landscape all non-resistant resistant units except the few new buildings should have been replaced with such a special and strong housing. The other economic promoting strategies for these unusual places are encouraging the housing sector to create employment and increase the dependence and durability of the inhabitants of these neighborhoods and it is necessary to attract them to entrepreneurship potential of housing sector.By issuing desired policies minor widening possibility of routs and proper renovation of place could be provided as well as people's access could be improved along with housing supplying. In this case, without land extending the required level for residential neighborhoods could be provided with 20 m2 pure and 25 m2 impure per capita for whole infrastructures. In this study, Borujerd worn-out texture characteristics have been analyzed using S.W.O.T model indicators to respond to the needs and fix the existing problems. Also, prioritization physical damage has been observed by expert assessing based on 5 criteria of damage. The results from S.W.O.T study show that the district No. 5 has the most portion of damage rate and the district No. 1 is in the next level, mostly because historical monuments located in the texture. 


Worn-out texture, renovation and development, S.W.O.T, Borujerd

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