Analysis of the urban land use with an emphasis on sustainable development using swot model (The case of Faruj City)

Ezatollah MAFI, Amene NAGHDI, Hamid FAKHRANI, Morteza ADIBIKHAH
1.778 379


Abstract. Urban land use is one of the basic and major concepts of urban development knowledge and in fact, it is the foundation of its formation and is so important that some urban planners in developed countries consider it as equivalent to urban planning. The aim of this paper is to explain types of uses across Faruj City according to their location and to identify the weaknesses of this city in terms of the required uses and to investigate the size, per capita, density and distribution of any of them and ultimately to provide a model for future development and ways to achieve the desired development. Methodology of this study is based on descriptive - analytical approach so that in order to develop the theoretical framework of the research and a review of previous research, the library (documents) method was used and the results were analyzed using SWOT technique. Research findings suggest that in the section of the internal factors, the strengths of the city outweigh its weaknesses and in the section of the external factors, opportunities of the city tangibly outweigh its threats. Planning sustainable development of city should be based on WO strategies; in other words external opportunities should be used to overcome the internal weaknesses. And also the current status of the city suggests that some of the uses of the city are in an inappropriate status is terms of per capita (per person), and this situation reflects the imbalance and inconsistency between uses that is due to the lack of sufficient attention of urban planners when preparing them. Planners must therefore use ways to make this process both in preparation and in implementation to succeed.


Planning, land use planning, development, sustainable development, Faruj City, SWOT analysis model

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