Investigating and analyzing the waste collection system in rural areas (The Case of Aqabad rural area)

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Abstract. Due to the growing population and producing more diverse wastes in recent years, investigating the waste collection and management and disposal system is of great importance. Therefore, planning a proper waste management strategy and positioning to prevent environmental pollution in rural areas is essential. The aim of this study was to investigate and evaluate the waste collection system in the villages of Aqabad rural district.  In this study, it was tried to collect required information from study population (Sarli Makhtoom and Totli Kochak villages) through completing surveys and questionnaires from selected households, then rural waste collection system was analyzed using spss software and gis software to locate waste disposal. Bottlenecks and solutions are provided in the swot table. In this study, awareness of the importance of recycling and waste separation, the selection of suitable disposal sites, replacing the new collection method for improving environmental conditions was studied. The results showed that awareness of the importance of recycling is too low and a proper disposal site has not been selected and also the new collection method is effective in improving environmental health.


Waste, recycling, rural areas

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