Diversity in the Traditional Musical Kurdish Themes and the Tourist Attraction

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Abstract. The present study has tried to associate the themes of Kurdish music with tourist attraction activities. On the other hand, it has tried to pave the way to attract cultural tourists to Kurdistan through theme diversity and inspiration by natural ecological phenomena and also to attract those tourists with different tastes who are interested in local and traditional music. To achieve the above goals, different methods have been used including interviewing with celebrities, using existing resources such as audio versions of the traditional Kurdish music in the form of DVDs, CDs and also its video versions. Kurdish language is one of the most original languages in Iran that over the time has maintained its identity despite foreigners' onslaught and has not been subjected to too many changes. Many experts have expressed that the traditional Kurdish music is one of the richest traditional Iranian music. Using different themes, inspiring by ecological and natural phenomena and also social and cultur-al themes are some of the characteristics of the Kurdish music.Taking advantages of the available potentials in each region promotes the Iranian tourism identity all around the world. Using traditional Kurdish music along with the other attractions in the Kurdistan region improves the internal or domestic tourism. In addition to increasing the internal trips, it establishes friendship among people all around the country (Iran). 


Music Themes, Traditional Kurdish Music, Tourist, Culture, Anthropology of Tourism

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