A review of the role of green roof in achieving environmental dimensions of sustainable development

Mahjabin RADAEI, Mahshid RADAEI
1.820 514


Abstract. Today, by following classic model of development and blind following of stereotype models of urban development as ignoring the local conditions, not only non-sustainable conditions are created in the city, but also it leads into house instability.  One of the major results of present era changes as the era of dominance of technology and economy, human being is completely separated from nature and is in unstable path and it leads to full destruction of environment and living conditions on earth. Green roof is one of the new approaches of architecture and urbanization and it is used to increase per capita of green space, promotion of environment quality and urban sustainable development. Green roof is built with the goal of turning dead space of roofs to dynamic space and it is live ecosystem providing good environment capability for urban environment and it can be more productive and sustainable. The present study aimed to evaluate the role of green roof and its convergence with sustainability principles. The study method is descriptive-analytical and qualitative. To review the role of green roof in achieving sustainable development environmental dimensions, at first we explained the sustainability, sustainable development and its environmental dimensions. Then, by comparative method, environmental dimensions of sustainable development and green roof were compared and investigated. The study findings showed that urban green roofs with the improvement of air quality, reduction of surface wastewater, reduction of urban Thermal Island, establishment of thermal balance in internal and external environment of building, creation of natural habitat, biodiversity and increasing life of operation from roof insulation are positive step to improve quality of urban environment. Thus, green roof as one of the basic architecture elements like a source and assures continuity of important benefits for nature sustainability and human development. As a symbol of artifact constructs, it acts well to improve environmental quality consistent with environmental dimensions of sustainable development.


Green Roof, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Environmental dimensions

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