Designing the Hall in the City of Sari with an Emphasis on the Improvement and Identity of Architecture of Mazandaran, Taberestan

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Abstract. Being dynamic is one of the features of the city of Sari, that is, no finished shape can ever be defined for the city since it is always changing in the development process to conform itself with the environmental and socioeconomic and … conditions. The city of Sari is one of the ancient cities of the province which was once the capital city of achaemenian (Zadratca). As the researchers say the city of Sari is built on the layers of a city which was the center of the northern state of Iran since the pre- Islamic ages. The city of Sari with its historic background; and its cultural, social antiquity and the tourism issue is under the focus of the people or the other nations, probably. Designing the hall of the city of Sari is aimed to meet the cultural and social needs of the people. It is tried in this thesis to explain the different periods of architecture by the urbanism studies. Then, we will show the designing steps using the traditional architecture concepts and geometric patterns. Generally, some studies are performed on the Islamic architecture using architecture patterns of Tabarestan with an emphasis on the identity and improvement of the architecture values in this research. The suggested site is located in the eastern side of the city of Sari, in parallel with the river of Tajan where there is the national railroad in its south.


City hall, Identity, Tabarestan

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