An Analysis on Sustainable Tourism Development of Roodbar Qasran Region in Tehran

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Abstract. Nowadays, the tourism industry is found to be a determinant factor in creating employment, investment and regional development as well as motivation in economy. The present research is a cross - sectional and descriptive-analytic study. Data collection was performed based on -library-documents manner so that the main objective is to analyze the development of sustainable tourism management Roodbar Qasran region in Tehran. At the same time, this research focuses on challenges and drawbacks on tourism in study area. hence,  strategic policies to develop sustainable tourism in the region include continuously training people (tourists and local residents) for interactions, provide public services (residential, recreational, cultural, educational), infrastructure, improving security and road network for sustainable tourism, integrated management, planning for sustainable income residents among many others. As a whole, tourism sustainable area can be defined as exploiting  potential of natural areas, restoration and productivity in the future, and contribute to the knowledge of customs and lifestyles of local people to gain experience in tourism, taking advantage of the benefits tourism in fair manner from local people and enhance local people's enthusiasm and motivation.


Sustainable tourism, geographical justice, Roodbar Qasran, Tourism Management

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