Analysis of Modern Cities’ Prosperity by Focusing on the Relationship between Small Demographic Centers and Metropolitan Centers and Improving Living and Service Standards in Metropolitan Areas

Behrouz DARVISH, Mohammad Hossein SATTARI, Alireza JAVID, Es’hagh BAHADORI
1.508 350


Abstract.The unbridled and quick growth, the excessive density and concentration of population in mega cities have made these cities unable to continue a healthy urban life and in fact they are unable to provide their residents with necessary services. With the aim of reaching the economic and social balanced growth and controlling its unbridled growth and regarding the mentioned problems in the metropolitan areas, creation of new cities around big cities with a reasonable distance in order to decrease population and its attractions was suggested. The new city of Pardis about 35 km northwestern Tehran across the Ab-Anjirak lands has been developed in order to organize the settlement system, to absorb the population overflow of Tehran and alleviating Tehran challenges. This study tries to analyze whether Pardis City is successful, its performance to absorb the population overflow of Tehran City, the significant reasons for moving into this city and analyzing the former settlements of households living in this city now. Some demographic indicators were used for indicating the prosperity of Pardis City; a questionnaire was designed in order to analyze the reasons that encourage people to move in to this city. The results show that this city has failed to absorb the predicted population and inexpensive lands and housings are among the main reasons for why people tend to move to this city; however, analysis of the former settlements of its residents indicate that most people who have moved to Pardis were used to live in Tehran City already.


Prdis New City, Tehran Metropolitan Area, Population Overflow, Living Standards

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