Designing of a Knowledge Base Expert System for Specific Risks Management in BOT Projects

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Abstract. Economic growth and development is the most important factor in the development of a country, and infrastructure projects such as water and sewage systems, airports, power plants, etc. are the most important factors for economic growth and development.One of the best methods is the use of BOT (Build Operate Transfer) contracts. Since the BOT projects are usually large, and they took relatively long time, risk management is highly important in these projects. In order to solve such problems that does not have precise algorithms but a complex structure and are based on the knowledge and experience of experts,Expert Systems are the best solution. This paper presents an expert system to manage risks in these types of projects; that can act as an expert assistant for project managers. Initial feasibility was conducted in Beckman method, and its knowledge base is designed on the Rule Base and in a way to be developed in the future without any damage in the Inference Engine. The inference engine of the system is a Forward Chaining,and deductive and inductive methods are used for inference. Increased efficiency, saved time and cost, and high availability are the main benefits of the system.


BOT project, risk management, knowledge base expert system

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