Investigate the Role of Implemented Teacher education Curriculum on the Teacher Qualifications, of teacher who are graduated from Universities in the Province of Razavi Khorasan In order to Evaluate and improve Mentioned Curriculum (2014-2015)

Mahdi GHAEMI, Ezzatollah NADERI, Maryam SEIF NARAGHI
1.469 476


Abstract. This study investigates the role of implemented curriculum of teacher-training on teaching career competence of graduates of universities in order to evaluate and optimize the mentioned programs (2014-15). This is an evaluation study in which the researcher has used field research. The statistical population of the study consisted of three groups that include graduates of Islamic Azad University, Government universities and Payame Noor University of Khorasan Razavi Province in Academic year 2014-15. According to the distribution of population, to estimate the volume of the statistical population, the statistical Yearbook of Khorasan Razavi province was used in 2011. To this aim the volume of new arrivals of the year 2011 -12 was estimated as graduates of 2014-15. To determine the sample size in this study the sample size determination formula of Morgan-Krejcie was used. The sample size of this study are: 194 BA graduates of Government university, 174 BA graduates of Islamic Azad University, and 16 of student groups of Farhangian University. To sample in this study stratified random sampling method is used. The research instrument is the research made questionnaire including 20 items. Validity of the questionnaire was provided through Delphi to several experienced academic experts, and the result of their careful opinion was considered while modificating the questionnaire. Reliability of the questionnaire in graduates was diagnosed Government than 70% based on Cronbach's alpha test. To analyze data, inferential statistics (chi-square test) was used. The findings suggest that universities have failed to create required teaching competencies (competence communication, behavioral competence) in graduates.


Teacher education, Teacher Qualifications

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