Evaluation Of Aesthetics In Architecture From The Perspective Of Quran

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Abstract. Aesthetics,  like many concepts, words and terms in many writings and specific areas, is fully expressed if there is no ambiguity in its meaning or scope. Despite the complexity and ambiguity of the concept, it is widely used in different contexts. Quran is a religious book having profound implications for each human issues, thus careful study of the deep meanings of the verses that can be extracted and used is important. Hence, this article has focused on  the issues in Quran about the necessity of this important aesthetic and architectural. Then, it has referred to determining the features and basic concepts forming the Islamic aesthetic beauty of the Quran to scrutiny roots in more than 250 verses of the Quran. Then, logical reasoning is used to organize and shape the aesthetic concepts extracted from the scriptures  based on the definition of architecture and finally the features and concepts in Imam Mosque in Isfahan, one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture in the Islamic period, is used to assess the indicators examined  and a new perspective on Islamic aesthetics according to the Quran is offered for architects.


Aesthetics, Quran, architecture, Imam Mosque in Isfahan

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