Cultural invasion and moral insecurity in thoughts of imam Khamenei

Alireza PANAHI
1.613 705


Abstract. The Islamic revolution, as a modern concept and political pattern has made a huge impact on western world’s domination. The imperialism worked out all means of subversion such as riot, coup and military war against the revolution, but Iranian’s resistance under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini made arrogant powers to comprehend how vain it is to threaten Iran by applying harsh and military methods, regarding such deep faith amongst Iranians; On the contrary this provides unity and solidarity for the nation. They, therefore, had to confess to being unsuccessful in using tough strategies against Islamic Republic system and embarked on a more complex fight since the beginning of second decade that is referred to, by ‘the latest approach with the framework of utilizing deliberate methods’ which the great leader reminded about by using different terms such as cultural invasion, cultural ambush or cultural NATO and called the authorities to remedy the situation. Today, what has become problematic is cultural invasion, for instance the growing trend of manipulating cultures specially, Islamic culture, by establishing western way of life that has caused moral insecurity in different communities. Different manifestations of cultural invasion can be divided into two categories: Internal manifestations. For instance; attempts to remove religion, destroying confidence in one’s culture, promotion of western thoughts and ideology, etc. and external manifestations. For instance; making countries lag behind in all aspects (scientific, industrial), economic deprivation, cultural affairs’ authorities negligence, etc. In this essay we will discuss the abovementioned aspects of cultural invasion and propose solutions to handle the situation and we will proceed with considering four different political dialectics for cultural invasion from Ayatollah Khamenei’s point of view that are observational, reflective, ideal or desired and prescriptive or contemplative dialectic. The main focus in the first part, where we will analyze three concepts as a single conceptual network, based on crisis theory while all concepts will be processed on the basis of two concepts; the world of Islam and enemy-centric view. So the issue that is going to be assessed is cultural invasion as the major problem our society greatly suffers from.


Culture, cultural invasion, moral insecurity, Imam Khamenei, enemy

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