Examination the Dimension of Organizational Commitment and Motivation in Student Sport Volunteers Structure in Iran

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Abstract. This study was conducted to determine the dimensions of organizational commitment and motivation of student sport volunteer’s structure in Iran.

Methodology: This study is cross correlation. Population includes all officials in education and training of sporting discipline which was equal to 806 people in the country that they were working on a voluntary basis by sports associations. The number of samples was determined 260 using Morgan table. Data collection was carried out by a researcher-made commitment and motivation of volunteers questionnaires, adapted from Meyer and Allen organizational commitment questionnaire (1997), and the motivation questionnaire by Esmond & Dunlop questionnaire (2004). The construct validity in the questionnaire was confirmed using confirmatory factor analysis, and reliability was calculated equal to 0.727 and 0.822 respectively, which were approved.

Results: The results showed that the highest and lowest ranking for variable motives are respectively, the community and business development, for organizational commitment variables, they are normative commitment and continuance commitment. There was no significant relationship between motivation and commitment of volunteers. Comparison commitment two groups male and female volunteer showed a significant difference between normative commitment and overall variable in organizational commitment (P <0.05). The comparison in two groups male and female volunteer motivation, showed no significant difference (P <0.05).

Conclusion: The application of scientific management volunteers in the field of student sport can have a considerable role in the human resource management in student sport of Iran.


motivation, commitment, volunteers, sports, volunteer movement, student sport

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