Internet advertising effectiveness by using hierarchical model

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Abstract. Present paper has been developed with the title of internet advertising effectiveness by using hierarchical model. Presenting the question: Today Internet is an important channel in marketing and advertising. The reason for this could be the ability of the Internet to reduce costs and people’s access to online services[1]. Also advertisers can easily access a multitude of users and communicate with them at low cost [9]. On the other hand, compared to traditional advertising, internet advertising has significant benefits. That among them the creation of two-way communication with the audience, relatively low cost, universal and circadian access, and improvement of information, easy update and accurate targeting of customers can named [10]. On this basis a lot of studies and researches were performed over time and a lot of advertising models stating that how people understand Internet advertising and what attitude to it they have, were designed [1]. Various advertising results have shown that beliefs and attitudes of people towards internet advertising are two important factors of Internet advertising [11]. That is why to conduct any kind of advertising on the Internet, first of all it is required that by full understanding of advertising space and approach of different people toward different ways of advertising, enough information to be collected. Only in this way advertising will have good efficiency.



Advertising, hierarchical model, effectiveness, Internet shopping

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