Consideration of Zagros Pharmed Pars Factory Staff 's / Personel's Job Satisfaction Rate

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Abstract. The present study has been done to follow to determine borujerd zagros pharmed pars factory staff 's job satisfaction rate. Zagros pharmed pars factory / manufacturing has grounded an operation of considering / consideration of human resources job satisfaction rate as one of the most pivotal systematic capital, to achieve systematized perspective ' s and movement through out the sublimation path may to achieve / obtain / grosp and diagnose / prognose accompolishment factory / elements according to which the factory staff 's. Satisfaction is 63.24 percentage in 1393, and there is a meaningful relationship between the job satisfaction and education as well, but between job experience satisfaction and age and background, there is no meaningful relationship. Furthermere, the link between job satisfaction with age and background / experience education is counter – balanced, as if the more the age, experience and education, the less the satisfaction, and the less the age, experience and education, the more the satisfaction rate. The sort of study being done is atemporal and descriptive – analytical one, and it is done in zagros pharmed pars factory every year. 


Job satisfaction, spss software, age, experience, education, zagros pharmed pars factory

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