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Abstract. Utilization of micro networks is highly noticed in recent years. Surveyed in this article, is a small network containing wind and solar power plants, fuel cells, super capacitors, batteries, and so forth. The network required load during 24 hours is supplied by available resources in a way that the cost would be minimum. The provisions related to CHP generators, wind power plants, batteries, heat storage, heat exchanger, and load supplying in the network are considered. In order to make the issue simpler, linearization method is used to convert the first and second degree equations. The problem is solved using GAMS software. The numeric study is done in two scenarios without concerning the pollution cost. Results showed in the case pollution cost is considered, the tendency to purchase electricity from the electricity market will increase. In addition, storages utilization leads to reduction of the network load ratio.


MINLP, Virtual Power Plant, VPP

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