City Entrance as Suitable Potentials to Gain Identity: A Case Study in West Entrance of Bojnoord

Somaye NORAEI, Zahra Sadat SHEKARFOROUSH, Bahareh Ashraf HESARI
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Abstract. With the expansion of geographical territories of city and consequently, change in the functional aspect of city borders from wall and compass to urban edges- suburb- the concept of city entrance has changed as an entrance to boundaries different from nature. In other words, changing position from nature to city and vice versa has occurred without any mediator or soft space and two unfamiliar environments join to each other with the most terrible way possible. Lack of preparation in entering the city may confuse the new comer audiences and changes the hierarchy of access to that territory and, in the same time, eliminates the sense of presence in that space for permanent audiences (citizens). So, identifying the position of city entrance and organizing and designing it as a mutual space- urban and suburban-seems necessary.

This article briefly reviews the west entrance of Bojnoord as a sample of transit cities and discusses ideas to design and organize this space considering its specific characteristics. We may observe that designing and preparation of spaces and signals that promise the arrival to city, not only reinforce the city foundations from different aspects of framework, spatial and visual, but also establish a proper link with the road outside city as a soft joint or convertor transforming outside to inside and help to its spatial clarity and identity.


Entrances, transit city, identity, outside and inside space, urban and suburban audiences

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