Architectural Designs Through Algorithmic Program “Formian”

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Abstract. Through the implementation of algorithmic design, there has been a revolution in digital architecture both in architectural design and construction. By implementing  algorithmic design, architects are able to integrate powerful computional instruments with creative design to play the role of programming on behalf of architect. This paper has studied configuration free forms in conceptual design by using algorithmic programs such as ‘Formian’. Formian is regarded as a computational instrument for the purpose of configuration forms, which is commonly used  to geometric compositions including points, lines and surfaces. Producig configuration with parametric components can be considered as one of the main characteristics of Formian. Therefore, there can be an improvement in the formulation of configurations where a change takes place in parameter components. This program can pave the way for towers, domes and other structures to obtain a new dimension. The Formian not only is able to increase the architectural and space structure designs, but also it can conceive them. There is a paradigm shift in architecture when such a software is used, resulting in more constructive presence of architects in building constructions.


Digital design, Configuration freeform, Formex aljebra, Computitional, Formian

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